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The Biggest Solar Flare Erupts From the Sun in Four Years, Causes Radio Blackout over the Atlantic Ocean

A terrible solar flare appeared overnight in the sun and it has hit the earth. In the last four years, the earth has not been hit by such a terrible solar flare. That solar system has completely destroyed the radio communication system in the sky above the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, radio communications across the vast Atlantic coast of the Americas and Europe are now virtually blacked out. 

The strongest solar flare erupted on the sun on July 3 (Source: DNA India)

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) first caught sight of this terrifying solar flare on July 3. That solar flare was seen in the Sun till July 4. According to NASA, in the last four years after 2016, such a strong solar system has not been seen. It is the most powerful class of solar flares in the ‘X1.5-class explosion’. The new 11-year solar cycle, which has just begun, originates from a special sunspot that grows on the back of the sun (the photosphere) to the northwest of the sun.


What is a solar flare?           

NASA proposes that a solar flare is an “intense burst of radiation coming from the release of magnetic energy correlated with sunspots.” NASA said that flares are the solar system’s most massive explosive events and can be observed as “bright areas on the sun,” which can exist from a few minutes to few hours. A solar flare is monitoring primarily in x-rays and optical light. Besides, flares are located where particles, including electrons, protons, and heavier particles are stimulated.


According to the US Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC), which monitors the sun's atmosphere (corona) and weather all the time, in just a few minutes, that terrifying powerful solar flare will come towards the earth. The oncoming solar flares cause massive storms in the upper ionosphere much higher than the Earth's atmosphere. Lots of particles in that layer turn into ions. As a result, very strong electric currents are generated at an altitude of 80 to 100 km above the surface. That current also reaches the surface. Due to this, the magnetic field of the two poles of the earth has also changed. In particular, it has disrupted all radio communications in the world over the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, radio communication systems across the vast Atlantic coast have been completely cut off.

The Solar Flare is the giant explosion erupted on the surface of the Sun (Source: Jagaran Josh)

Suddenly there is a solar flare on the back of the sun. Through this, a huge amount of energy comes out from inside the sun. It spreads all over the space. These solar flares include radio, X-rays, and gamma rays. 

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