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The World's Biggest Iceberg, about Four Times the Size of New Delhi, Breaks from Antarctica's Ice Shelf

On Wednesday, a group of scientists said that a large iceberg had broken from Antarctica. This created a great danger to the ships. This iceberg is extremely big. According to the University of Swansea and the British Antarctic Survey, the iceberg weighs one trillion tons and measures 5,600 square kilometers. It broke off the Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica

The largest icebergs in the northern hemisphere make Ilulissat a true kingdom of ice (JONAA©Kristjan Fridriksson)

But all this is a numerical measure; it is not easy to guess its actual size. On the contrary, knowing this value, you can guess that this iceberg is about 4 times the size of Delhi. This giant ice cube will probably be identified as the A68. The incident took place between Monday and Wednesday. NASA satellite reported it.

The enormity of the berg makes it the largest in the world. (Photo: ESA)

Ice velocity map of the Brunt and Stancomb-Wills Ice Shelf. (Photo: ESA)

The iceberg is about to break out like this but there is no direct impact on the environment right now. However, the Larsen C ice shelf has been reduced by 12 percent. Larsen A and B ice shelves in the far north of the Antarctic Peninsula first collapsed in 1995 and 2002. This is the way goods are transported. However, it is a very important cruise route to South America. As a result, the fear of danger is going away. Why does the ice break and fall into the ocean? It is a natural phenomenon.

Split ice sheets in Antractica (Source - Zee News

Whenever the rift or scratch of a glacier is exposed due to wind or water erosion, the ice melts, and the small part separates from the main large ice sheet and falls into the sea. However, scientists have discovered an accused behind this natural phenomenon or accident. That is climate change. Due to global climate change, the earth is warming and the polar ice is melting and not just Land ISE, but CIS as well.

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