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Life Exists on Venus? India is Sending Shukrayan-1 Spacecraft to Venus for Verifying the Truth

Shukrayan-1: Venus may have life, a recent study has come up with such sensational information in the hands of scientists. And after this information came up, the rush to send spacecraft to Venus from different countries has started. This time, India's space research organization ISRO has also come down in this race. India will soon be sending Indian spacecraft Shukrayan 1.

Planet Venus | Pablo Carlos Budassi / CC BY-SA

According to ISRO sources, the sperm will be used to study the weather chemistry of Mars. At the same time, this spacecraft will revolve around Venus. From there all the information about Venus will be sent to the earth. ISRO chief K. Shivan has said that India's spacecraft will travel to Venus in 2023 or soon after its release. A New Zealand private company has already begun preparations to send a satellite to Venus.

K. Sivan, head of the India Space Research Organisation, holds a lunar model on Aug. 26, 2019, as the country's Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft flew toward the moon. (Image: © Pallave Bagla/Corbis/Getty)

Incidentally, scientists said on Monday that they have found ultra-acidic clouds on Venus. This cloud contains a gas called phosphine. Seeing this, the idea of ​​scientists is that micro-organisms are present in Venus. Which multiplied the chances of life.

Although it is not yet known what kind of life Venus has. Scientists have noted that phosphine on Earth is produced by bacteria in oxygen-starved environments. It is known that this team of international scientists first identified the phosphine using the James Clark Maxwell Telescope in Pahwa. Scientists have confirmed this by looking at Chile's Atacama Large Millimeter / Submmillimeter Array (ALMA) radio telescope.

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