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ESA's SOLAR ORBITER Shares Some New Coolest Pictures of the Sun

Solar Orbiter, one of the European Space Agency's spacecraft still took pictures of the sun at close range. As can be seen in the pictures, innumerable flames are burning everywhere on the surface of the Sun. 

Solar Orbiter Probe (SolO) of Europian Space Agency (Credit: BBC News)

The images were obtained at a distance of 77 million km (48 million miles) away from the sun. Scientists released images of the sun taken by the spacecraft's solar orbiter on Thursday (16th July 2020).

"No images have been captured of the Sun at such a close range earlier and the level of detail they produce is impressive" - David Long, co-principal investigator on the ESA Solar Orbiter Mission Extreme Ultraviolet Imager Investigation 

Solar Orbiter captured the many faces of the sun in different wavelengths of light during its first close pass (Credit: Solar Orbiter/ PHI Team/ESA & NASA, Source: CNN)

The solar orbiter mission, which is a collaboration linking NASA and the European Space Agency, was launched from Cape Canaveral last February. Solar Orbiter took these stunning high-resolution images last month from a distance of 6.60 billion kilometers from the Sun. This distance is about half the total distance within the earth and the sun.

These images show a sequence of images from the Polarimetric and Helioseismic Imager (PHI) on ESA/NASA's Solar Orbiter. Credits: Solar Orbiter/ PHI Team/ESA & NASA

This picture of a burning fireplace in yellow and black smoky gray has caught everyone's attention as soon as it came out on social media. This is the first time such a picture has been reported from so close to the sun. The team had to come up with new terminology for these countless small fires, said Daniel Mueller, a project scientist with the European Space Agency. He called them 'campfires'. The scientists don't yet know what specifically the campfires are, but they assume that it could be "nanoflares," or tiny sparks that help heat the sun's outer atmosphere.

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